A data-driven installation in the center of Copenhagen

TREE.0 is an urban interactive installation created in collaboration with Copenhagen Solutions Lab, Danish Design Centre, Danish Architecture Centre and Gehl Architects.

In the first iteration, TREE.0 was placed 2 different places in Vester Voldgade, as a part of Street Lab – a sandbed initiated by The City of Copenhagen with the mission to try out new digital “smart” solutions. 

“Smart cities need thick data, not big data”

Anthropologist Clifford Geertz

 Throughout the project we tested design principles that adds to an ongoing discussion on how thick data can support the way people use the physical spaces in a valuable way. The datasets being gathered, was in realtime organised in different “clusters” (groups) and the installation reacted on the different connections that were being made. 

“The collaboration with Interactive Spaces Lab is an opportunity to complement the tools we normally use at Gehl to understand and document the interaction between urban space and life. Our partnership focuses on understanding how the city is used and new ways of using data to improve the quality of the urban spaces”.

Birgitte Bundesen Svarre, Associate Gehl