As a part of the project Data Democracy, we have developed a micro:bit that enables children to gather sound data. In the first test, it will be used by elementary schools classes within the Aarhus-area, that are invited in by the Aarhus Public Libraries for two workshop days during a period of 2 weeks. The workshops will give them insights on programming micro:bits in order to perform their own data harvest and data contribution for the installation. In this way students will contribute with data from their local area – and the installation uncovers further sonic territories on the sound map.

Next step in the project, is to build an interactive map in DOKK1, that continuously will change with the sound and pulse of the city. When using the interactive map, you will be able to browse an otherwise hidden digital life shaped by data from the sound sensors. 

The project provides the user with new possible insights on the area; where do I find rest and peace in my neighbourhood? And when? What other areas with Aarhus provide similar possibilities for contemplation – but at other times? Why is that? This allows for uncovering new perspectives of neighbouring areas.