Interactive Spaces Studio contributes to, and challenges, the vision for what makes a city liveable in the future?

We are online. And even our things have gone online. Right now we are in the process of updating our cities so they, too, can get online. When everything around us has integrated processors, everything will be able to generate data, which in principle means that everything will be able to communicate with everything else.

In relation to this, Interactive Spaces Studio gathers architects, designers, engineers and IT specialists with the mission to create new meaningful concepts and solutions for the future cities and citizens using interactive and digital media. By implementing the developed technology, installation or service in a real life physical context we are able to push the boundaries. A realizable pilot-project will potentially show new connections between people, things and physical urban structures that we wouldn’t have thought about in beforehand – creating all new innovative scenarios for the future. Can we i.e. use technology to change a specific atmosphere in an urban space, creating more safe surroundings or relaxing areas? Can interactive installations contribute to new playful activities, bringing people together? Also in dense areas?

Interactive Spaces Studio is a part of the Alexandra Institute, a non-profit company with a mission to create value, growth and welfare in society. The Institute is one of Denmark’s seven members of GTS, a network of independent Danish research and technology organisations. The GTS system is funded by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.



Liselott Stenfeldt

Senior Project Manager:
Nina Bonne Breum

Senior Designer:
Kasper Nørlund

Creative Technologist:
Kasper Rasmussen

User Experience designer:
Stella Kofoed

Interaction designer:
Nina Højholdt

SW Developer:
Frederik Tollund Juutilainen